Here at ILM Powered Solutions FZE, we believe mothers are the most powerful people in the world. Yet, while raising families – having babies, through pregnancies and building a home – somehow, they lose their magic in the chaos.

We are on a mission to empower mothers to dream big, set impossible goals and and achieve incredible success so they can lead the way for their children to grow up and take the torch forward. 

If you are a mom, we encourage you to embrace your unique self, use whatever skills and knowledge you have and lead with purpose!


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Bring harmony in your home and life with kids!


Manage your time, get more done and fall in love with yourself again!

Positive Parenting

Help your children become self-motivated learners!

Kids Activities

Fun resources to teach your Muslim child!

Learn a skill

What you do with your free time matters!

Learn to blog

Have an idea? Build an online business!


Life Planning for Moms Life Managmenet workshop

Dream big, set some goals and live a well balanced life!

Our positive parenting toolbox!

Discover our digital library of printable routines and resources for organizing your children’s daily schedule, teaching your children basic life skills, good habits, gentle manners and find engaging activities to create beautiful memories together.

Goal Setting for Parents Course!

The five-weeks step by step parenting course that helps you improve your relationship with your children and your spouse while empowering your children to do things for themselves!